14 September 2020 – Deep Dig

Daily Dhamma Study

Series: A Lay Person’s Life, Balanced and Successful

Dighajanu Sutta (AN 8:54)

  • 14 September 2020 – Deep Dig
  • Introduction
    • In this sutta, a follower named Dighajanu asked The Buddha gives about how the way a lay person should live and practice in order to be on the dhamma path of his teachings.
    • The Buddha replies with some very practical ways to help a lay person to be successful in this life.  This includes ways to stay on the dhamma path and how a lay person should prepare for enlightenment.  
  • Key Sutta
    • “Sir, we are laypeople who enjoy sensual pleasures and living at home with our children. We use sandalwood imported from Kāsi, we wear garlands, perfumes, and makeup, and we accept gold and money. May the Buddha please teach us the Dhamma in a way that leads to our welfare and happiness in this life and in future lives.”
    • Dīghajāṇu Sutta AN 8.54 https://suttacentral.net/an8.54/en/sujato
  • Lesson One: The Typical Life of a Lay Persons
    • Dighajanu describes the typical life of a lay person and recognizes that something is missing.
      • Enjoys sensual pleasures of life
      • Lives at a home with family and kids
      • Orders and acquires expensive items and products from around the world
      • Has desires for fine and stylish clothes, dresses, makeup, jewelry
      • Seeks money and gold by doing jobs and careers
    • Dighajanu recognized that these did not bring true happiness and contentment.
    • He asked The Buddha for ways that a lay person can attain true happiness and success.
  • Lesson Two: The Buddha Answers with Four Drains and Four Blessings
    • The Buddha does not specifically describe the Eightfold Path in his answer.
    • He does teach about four things that have negative consequences.
    • He does teach about four things that bring success and happiness.
  • In This Series, We Will…  
    • Study the four things that have negative consequences in this life.
    • Study key Pail words that help better understand these teachings.
    • Study the four things that help bring happiness and success in this life.
    • See how these things effect a lay person’s future life and future enlightenment.
  • Personal Application
    • What are two big challenges you face as a lay person when trying to practice the Dhamma at home? Why?
    • As a lay person, do you struggle to follow the Eightfold Path and be mindful at your job? Why?
    • What are the two most helpful things you do that helps keep you mindful and focused when you are at the job or with family members?

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