The Daily Cushion – The Lay Person

The Lay Person Success and Happiness

The Daily Cushion with Steve Linder

14 September 2020 – Deep Dig

A Lay Person’s Life, Balanced and Successful

    • “Sir, we are laypeople who enjoy sensual pleasures and living at home with our children. We use sandalwood imported from Kāsi, we wear garlands, perfumes, and makeup, and we accept gold and money. May the Buddha please teach us the Dhamma in a way that leads to our welfare and happiness in this life and in future lives.”
    • Insight #1 – The layperson’s life has many distractions and attachments.
    • Insight #2 – These attachments require much attention and energy that distracts our practice and enlightenment.
    • Insight #3 – We need to listen to The Buddha’s advice for the success of layperson’s about this life and future lives.
    • Observe sensual pleasures as truly sensual pleasures… have “right view” about cravings…dukkha.
    • Seek wisdom about the dangers and drawbacks of these sensual pleasures.
    • After observing the drawbacks of sensual pleasures, release these attachments.


Published by Upāsaka Subhavi

Trying not to waste this life by taking advantage of this precious opportunity of having met the Dhamma.

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