DEEP DIG – Four Important Qualities of the Layperson by Steve Linder

14 September 2020 Four Important Qualities of the Layperson

  • Introduction
    • In this sutta, The Buddha replies to Dighajanu about what a layperson should focus for welfare and happiness in this life and the next life.
    • The Buddha gives four things that a layperson should focus in their daily living.
    • We will be looking at these four more deeply in this study series.    
  • Key Sutta
    • “Byagghapajja, these four things lead to the welfare and happiness of a gentleman in this life. What four?
    • Accomplishment in initiative, protection, good friendship, and balanced finances.”
  • Lesson One: Four Important Qualities  
    • The Buddha says that these four things are important for laypersons to cultivate.
      • Accomplishment in initiative and effort (Uṭṭhānasampadā)
      • Protection of possessions (ārakkhasampadā)
      • Noble friendship (kalyāṇamittatā)
      • Balanced finances (samajīvitā)
  • Lesson Two: The “Cause and Effect” of the Four Qualities
    • The Buddha recognized and taught the importance of understanding cause and effect of all our thoughts and actions.
    • Thoughts and intentional actions are what determine happiness in this life and the next life.
    • Thoughts and actions put in motion future events, especially in the four areas noted by The Buddha.
      • Today’s initiatives and efforts effects the welfare of tomorrow
      • Today’s protection of possessions determines welfare of tomorrow
      • Today’s noble friendship influences happiness for tomorrow
      • Today’s effort to keep balanced finances effects welfare for tomorrow
  • Personal Application
    • What are your priorities, initiatives, efforts, doing to effect tomorrow?  
    • Have you simplified your life to protect possessions?
    • How much time do you invest in noble friendships that help you with your practice?
    • Do you manage your finances well for future welfare?

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