Four Important Qualities of the Layperson with Steve Linder

🧘🏽‍♀️THE DAILY CUSHION21 September 2020

    • “Byagghapajja, these four things lead to the welfare and happiness of a gentleman in this life. What four?
    • Accomplishment in initiative, protection, good friendship, and balanced finances.”
    • Insight #1 – The Buddha says that there are four are that a layperson should pay close attention and be mindful.
    • Insight #2 – In this series, we will study how these four areas are significant to the mind and kamma (motives/initiative, protection of belongings, noble friendship, and balanced finances.
    • Insight #3 – Mindfulness and meditation will help to observe how these areas affect our mind and our kamma.
    • Learn to observe your motives for decisions and choices. As choices or decisions arise during meditation, be mindful of intentions.
    • Cultivate mindfulness about “stuff” and “belongings”. Learn to let go and get rid of many things and only have a few things to manage well.
    • Use meditation to observe the cause and effect of friendships and people. How do relationships effect your mind, your attitudes, and your peace?
      • Find a comfortable place that is quiet to sit and meditate with few interruptions and distractions to the senses.
    • 🧘🏽‍♀️ RELAX
      • After sitting comfortably on a cushion or pillow or floor, place hands in lap and close the eyes.
    • 🧘🏽‍♀️ TRIPLE GEM (1-2 min)
      • Prepare the mind and concentration by taking “Refuge in the Triple Gem”. 
      • Visualize each one in the mind (as an object) and generate faith and warm feelings with each one. Don’t rush this.
      • I take refuge in The Buddha.
      • I take refuge in The Dhamma.
      • I take refuge in The Sangha.
    • 🧘🏽‍♀️ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)
      • “The Breath”
      • Begin to focus in the breathing without attaching or stressing about it. Just relax and observe the breath.
      • As you breath in… observe it and release.
      • As you breath out… observe it and release.
      • Observing the rhythm of the breath is essential to relax the body and to practice releasing.
      • Use the out breath to practice releasing.
      • Relaxed smiling is good to use to help relax. 
      • I often will use the phrase “Peace” (in breath)
      • “Release” (our breath)
      • Continue observing breathing until it becomes very subtle or almost unnoticeable.
    • 🧘🏽‍♀️ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)
      • “The Body”
      • As the breath fades, the mind relaxes, the body also begins to relax.
      • Observe the body as a (body) form. It’s not self, but only a shell, a rupa, that temporarily supports consciousness.
      • As observing, the body, let the breath and body fade.
    • 🧘🏽‍♂️ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)
      • “The Mind”
      • As the breath fades and the body relaxes, the mind tends to become active or stay busy.
      • As thoughts arise, don’t engage with them. Observe them and then let them fade.
      • They will rise and they will fall unless there is engagement to feed the thoughts.
    • After the Satipatthana warmup, observe any tensions that arise… are these due to many wrong motives and intensions?  Are these due to wrong expectations?
    • Contemplate tensions from having too many possessions to protect. What can you let go or get rid of to simplify your lifestyle?
    • Contemplate your relationships. What friendships are distracting you from your practice and distracting your mind from pure and noble thoughts?
    • Contemplate your finances and observe any tension that arises from use of money. Is the tension caused by craving money? What anxiety do you need to let go?

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