📜 15 NOV 2020

🔆 Panna: wisdom, knowledge, insight, discernment
🔆 Vipassana: “seeing clearly”, spiritual insight

🗝 Key Section of Sutta: (Please read the full sutta)

“At Savatthi. “Bhikkhus, I set out seeking the gratification in form. Whatever gratification there is in form—that I discovered. I have clearly seen with wisdom (panna) just how far the gratification in form extends.

“Bhikkhus, I set out seeking the danger in form. Whatever danger there is in form—that I discovered. I have clearly seen with wisdom (panna) just how far the danger in form extends.

“Bhikkhus, I set out seeking the escape from form. Whatever escape there is from form—that I discovered. I have clearly seen with wisdom (panna) just how far the escape from form extends.

“Bhikkhus, I set out seeking the gratification in … the danger in … the escape from feeling … from perception … from volitional formations … from consciousness. Whatever escape there is from consciousness—that I discovered. I have clearly seen with wisdom (panna) just how far the escape from consciousness extends.

“The knowledge and vision arose in me: ‘Unshakable is my liberation of mind; this is my last birth; now there is no more renewed existence.’”

🗝 Key Phrase with Pali:“I’ve seen clearly with wisdom (panna) the full extent of form’s …”Yāvatā rūpassa assādo paññāya me so sudiṭṭho.

🗝 Key Insight #1: “Panna Is Essential for All Stages of Our Practice”

The Buddha taught that “panna” wisdom is necessary throughout all the stages and the progress of our practice. Panna is what brings insight and discernment for liberation and awakening.

· Panna insights and wisdom clearly show how pleasure and gratification work.

· Panna insights and wisdom clearly show the danger and drawbacks of pleasures.

· Panna insights and wisdom clearly show the way out or escape.

🗝 Key Insight #2: “Panna Reveals the Truth About The Five Aggregates”“

But when I did truly understand (panna) these five grasping aggregates’ gratification, drawback, and escape for what they are, I announced my supreme perfect awakening…”

Ø The Buddha considered the five clinging aggregates as the basis for “self-perception”.

Ø These five things are what limits or prevents awakening and enlightenment. They are the fundamental basis of all dukkha and rebirth. Panna reveals this to the mind.

Ø The five aggregates are what give the illusion of a permanent self and fuels the clinging for that self-image and false reality. Panna makes this more clear.

Ø “What are the five clinging-aggregates?”…/sn22/sn22.048.than.html

1. “Form — past, future, or present; internal or external; blatant or subtle; common or sublime; far or near — is cling-able, offers sustenance, and is accompanied with mental fermentation: That is called the form clinging-aggregate.

2. “Feeling…”

3. “Perception…”

4. “Mental…”

5. “Whatever Consciousness…”

Ø By reading and studying the suttas about the “Five Aggregates”, the mind can gain “panna” insights and wisdom that can be used in meditation and practice throughout the day.

Ø It’s through this pattern of reading, studying, listening to dhamma talks that panna arises and helps liberate the ignorant and enslaved mind.

Ø By gaining understand (panna), the mind can be liberated during meditation.


Try to inhabit your body fully. Think of your awareness as having a shape like the body and that it fills every part of your physical body. You’re aware in your toes, you’re aware in your legs, you’re aware in your hips, torso, your head, your arms, everything. You fully inhabit this space. And how do you know this space? You know it through the breath energy. There’s the in-and-out breath but then there are also the more subtle energies that flow throughout the body, throughout the nerves and the blood vessels, out to every pore. See how fully you can inhabit the space defined by the breath. Back into it. Feel it all around you. This helps to pull you away from your concerns about things outside: sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations. If you can inhabit this space with a sense of well-being, you ask yourself: Why go out? The mind may come up with its reasons. But when you examine those reasons, you see that a lot of them have little real substance. They may be convincing if you glance at them — and this is how you often fall for a lot of things happening in the mind: A glancing idea comes in and then it’s gone. You pick up something out of it, something that has you intrigued, and you wonder what you missed. The thought seems more impressive and more convincing than it would if you were able to look at it full on.

So, try to be full on with your body right now. You realize that if there’s going to be any happiness, any really solid happiness, you’ve got to find it in here. As the Buddha said, the problem of suffering is here. But the solution is also here. The end is here. Someone once asked him about how big the universe was. And the Buddha replied that you could spend your whole life — even if you had an amazing ability to stride great strides — you could go for a hundred years, and you’d still never get to the end of the universe. You would die first. But the end of the universe, in terms of the suffering of the universes of all your becomings, he says, can be found in here. You don’t have to go out there.So, stay in here. Get to know this space really fully. The end of suffering is to be found in this fathom-long body. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be found in your liver or stomach. It means that your awareness right here, your awareness that fills the body right here, is where there will be an opening to something that’s beyond the universe.

This explains one of the ironies of the practice: We’re told that the body is on fire with aging, illness, and death, and yet this is where we’re told to center ourselves. You might think that if you could somehow get out of the body, that would be the end, but it’s not. You’d become a wandering spirit. But if you stay right here where this awareness is, things will begin to open up.This is where the fire escape is. In fact, what we’re doing right now as we’re practicing right concentration is learning about this fire escape.”~ Thanissaro Bhikkhu “Fire Escapes” (Meditations8)

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