“Feeling (tone) Limits Insights & Wisdom” by Steve Lin

“But sir, how does identity view not come about?”

“It’s when an educated noble disciple has seen the noble ones, and is skilled and trained in the teaching of the noble ones. They’ve seen good persons, and are skilled and trained in the teaching of the good persons…

They don’t regard … feeling as self, self as having feeling, feeling in self, or self in feeling. … That’s how identity view does not come about.”

“Sir, what’s the gratification, the drawback, and the escape when it comes to … feeling …?”

“The pleasure and happiness that arise from … feeling … : this is its gratification. Feeling … is impermanent, suffering, and perishable: this is its drawback. Removing and giving up desire and greed for consciousness: this is its escape.”… 


📌 Feeling (tones) are temporary and a deceptive sense of reality.

📌 Feeling (tones) can prevent “seeing things as they really are”. They limit insights and skew reality.

📌 Feeling (tones) are “not self” nor are they a part of an “identity of a self”.


📌 Feeling (tones)) arise due to contact of the 6 senses and should be observed with mindfulness.

📌 Observing the feelings when they arise with mindfulness will reduce their distractions.

📌 Let go or “release” the feelings instead of feeding or following. This will reduce or prevent their distractions for “insights”.


🧘🏽‍♀‍ MEDITATION PLACE📌 Find a comfortable place that is quiet to sit and meditate with few interruptions and distractions to the senses.🧘🏽‍♀‍ RELAX📌 After sitting comfortably on a cushion or pillow or floor, place hands in lap and close the eyes.🧘🏽‍♀‍ TRIPLE GEM (1-2 min)📌 Prepare the mind and concentration by taking “Refuge in the Triple Gem”.📌 Visualize each one in the mind (as an object) and generate faith and warm feelings with each one. Don’t rush this.📌 I take refuge in The Buddha.📌 I take refuge in The Dhamma.📌 I take refuge in The Sangha.🧘🏽‍♀‍ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)📌 “The Breath”📌 Begin to focus in the breathing without attaching or stressing about it. Just relax and observe the breath.📌 As you breath in… observe it and release.📌 As you breath out… observe it and release.📌 Observing the rhythm of the breath is essential to relax the body and to practice releasing.📌 Use the out breath to practice releasing.📌 Relaxed smiling is good to use to help relax.📌 I often will use the phrase “Peace” (in breath)📌 “Release” (our breath)📌 Continue observing breathing until it becomes very subtle or almost unnoticeable.🧘🏽‍♀‍ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)📌 “The Body”📌 As the breath fades, the mind relaxes, the body also begins to relax.📌 Observe the body as a (body) form. It’s not self, but only a shell, a rupa, that temporarily supports consciousness.📌 As observing, the body, let the breath and body fade.🧘🏽‍♂‍ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)📌 “The Mind”📌 As the breath fades and the body relaxes, the mind tends to become active or stay busy.📌 As thoughts arise, don’t engage with them. Observe them and then let them fade.📌 They will rise and they will fall unless there is engagement to feed the thoughts.


📌 While meditating, if feelings arise… observe the feeling tone without chasing or pushing away.

📌 Observe and then let it go… it will fade. It is temporary and not self… release it and focus mind back into the breath.

📌 If it returns, observe it again as temporary and not self… release it and focus mind back into the breath.

📌 If it returns again, change object of concentration … instead of breath, choose Buddha image, or kasina color, or light.

📌 Replace the Feeling tones with contemplations on various objects taught by The Buddha. This will improve concentration and increase insights.

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