The Daily Cushion

“Insights (pañña) Help Deliver From Suffering (dukkha)” by Steve Lin

☀️ Hemavata
The grasping—what is it then
by which the world’s afflicted?
When asked about this, please do speak:
how to be free from dukkha?

☀️ Buddha
The sensual pleasures five are taught
in the world with mind as six,
having let go of all desire for those,
be thus from dukkha free.
This for the world’s the leading out,
its “as-it-is” declared to you,
and this to you I do declare:
be thus from dukkha free.

☀️ Hemavata
Here, who goes across the flood,
who goes across the sea,
No standpoint or support,
who in the deep sinks not?

☀️ Buddha
That person ever virtuous,
with wisdom (pañña), concentrated well,
with mind turned inward, mindful—
crosses the flood that’s hard to cross.
Detached from thoughts of sense-desire,
all fetters overpassed,
delight-in-being quite destroyed—
who in the deep sinks not.

“In every virtue all-accomplished,with wisdom full and mind composed,looking within and ever mindful–thus one crosses the raging flood.”

Sutta Nipāta 1.176

Sabbadā sīlasampanno,paññavā susamāhito;ajjhattacintī satimā,oghaṃ tarati duttaraṃ.



📌 Virtue (sila) helps end dukkha

📌 Wisdom (pañña) helps end dukkha

📌 Mindful concentration (sati) helps end dukkha


📌 Cultivate “virtue” when not meditating… all kamma remains in the mind. You bring your daily actions and thoughts to the cushion for meditation.

📌 Wisdom (pañña)helps understand the cause of Dukkha and how to end it. During meditation, insights arise to end dukkha.

📌 Cultivate SATÍ mindfulness during the day and concentration during meditation. SATÍ Mindfulness is deep awareness and observation that leads to emancipation.



📌 Find a comfortable place that is quiet to sit and meditate with few interruptions and distractions to the senses.

🧘🏽‍♀‍ RELAX

📌 After sitting comfortably on a cushion or pillow or floor, place hands in lap and close the eyes.

🧘🏽‍♀‍ TRIPLE GEM (1-2 min)

📌 Prepare the mind and concentration by taking “Refuge in the Triple Gem”.

📌 Visualize each one in the mind (as an object) and generate faith and warm feelings with each one. Don’t rush this.

📌 I take refuge in The Buddha.

📌 I take refuge in The Dhamma.

📌 I take refuge in The Sangha.

🧘🏽‍♀‍ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)

📌 “The Breath”

📌 Begin to focus in the breathing without attaching or stressing about it. Just relax and observe the breath.

📌 As you breath in… observe it and release.

📌 As you breath out… observe it and release.

📌 Observing the rhythm of the breath is essential to relax the body and to practice releasing.

📌 Use the out breath to practice releasing.

📌 Relaxed smiling is good to use to help relax.

📌 I often will use the phrase “Peace” (in breath)

📌 “Release” (our breath)

📌 Continue observing breathing until it becomes very subtle or almost unnoticeable.

🧘🏽‍♀‍ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)

📌 “The Body”

📌 As the breath fades, the mind relaxes, the body also begins to relax.

📌 Observe the body as a (body) form. It’s not self, but only a shell, a rupa, that temporarily supports consciousness.

📌 As observing, the body, let the breath and body fade.🧘🏽‍♂‍ SATIPATTHĀNA WARM UP (3-5 min)

📌 “The Mind”

📌 As the breath fades and the body relaxes, the mind tends to become active or stay busy.

📌 As thoughts arise, don’t engage with them. Observe them and then let them fade.

📌 They will rise and they will fall unless there is engagement to feed the thoughts.


📌 Observe how kamma of action, speech, and thoughts affect your mind for meditation.

📌 Observe any arising insights about cause and effect of this kamma in Dukkha suffering.

📌 Observe how wisdom and insights “can” influence, change, and end Dukkha.

📌 Observe what kamma actions need to be changed in order for virtuous kamma help to end suffering Dukkha.

📌 Observe what kamma actions are blocking or limiting insights about ending Dukkha.

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