The Daily Cushion



This is a special feature for December for ‘listening’ to all the 34 suttas in the Digha Nikaya. It’s an amazing and rich library of The Buddha’s teachings. I will daily post a new sutta to listen with a brief overview of the sutta.

The Digha Nikaya, or “Collection of Long Discourses” (Pali digha = “long”) is the first division of the Sutta Pitaka, and consists of thirty-four suttas, grouped into three vaggas, or divisions:

🔆 Silakkhandha-vagga — The Division Concerning Morality (13 suttas)
🔆 Maha-vagga — The Large Division (10 suttas)
🔆 Patika-vagga — The Patika Division (11 suttas)

👉🏽 There will be no language translations for December so the translators can have a break and the month free.

👉🏽 We will continue to feature “The Daily Cushion” with meditation teachings on the daily featured Digha Nikaya sutta.


📌 Learn to listen to sutta readings with mindfulness
📌 Learn to listen to sutta readings to gain insights
📌 Learn about the full Digha Nikaya section of the Pali Canon (34 Suttas)
📌 Gain insights from each daily sutta reading
📌 Incorporate daily insights to our meditation practice

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