Welcome to the Dhamma Study Series. The purpose of this dhamma study series is to better understand The Buddha’s teachings on Dukkha, or as often referred to as, suffering. Over the next four weeks, we will be looking at a variety of suttas that help us understand The Buddha’s definition of Dukkha (Pali) and how he used the term in his teachings.

📌 During the first week we will focus on suttas that help to define dukkha including the use of the term in The Buddha’s teaching about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

📌 The second week will be much deeper as we look at “cause and affect” as it is taught by The Buddha in the suttas about Dependent Origination.

📌 In the third week of the series, we will look at how dukkha and suffering are a part of our daily lifestyle. We will look at some of the typical trends, choices, and causes of suffering that exist in today’s modern world.

📌 In the final week, we will study the “way out of suffering” and will focus on The Buddha’s teachings about ending suffering, gaining freedom from samsara cycles of rebirth, and find peace in the present moments. During this study, we will be have various dhamma talk videos from various Bhikkhus, Bhikkhunis, lay men, and lay women. Each day there will be a post of The Daily Cushion that helps to integrate sutta teachings with meditation practice. The translation teams will continue to translate the core teaching posts of “Deep Dig” and “The Pali League” teachings. These are the two core places of teaching that is translated into other languages and made available to our diverse and international members. We hope you find this series meaningful and helpful. Please feel free to invite others who also might find this series a benefit to their seeking, their learning, and their practice. From Steve and the Daily Dhamma Team

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